The Churchill Fund

The Churchill Fund

The Churchill Fund

You make the Churchill Community extraordinary. We are #OneChurchill!

That means that as a school and as a community, we are one in everything we do from reinventing learning environments to empowering our children to make choices and self-advocate. We do everything with the success of each and every one of our students in mind. Churchill excels thanks to your hard work, generosity, and dedication to our children.

Your Churchill Fund contributions bring our children things like flexible furniture for their classrooms that dramatically impacts the way they learn. You provide technology that helps them to communicate better. You sponsor athletic, visual arts, music, and theater programs that are critical to their cognitive and social development.

Your participation in the Churchill Fund demonstrates your belief in the power of community, and more importantly, your belief in our children and all that they are capable of achieving. Please consider making a contribution, so that together, we may provide the most innovative and supportive learning environment for our children.

Thank you for all you do for our community!

What Does Your Contribution Mean to Churchill?

  • $100 provides musical instruments for 2 children
  • $500 sponsors a social skills curriculum for a division
  • $1,000 sponsors a child to play a team sport
  • $2,500 sponsors lunch for 2 students who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford it 
  • $5,000 provides cutting edge assistive software for a division
  • $25,000 will outfit an entire science lab

Ways to Give

Check or Credit/Debit Card
Recurring Gifts
Stock and Securities
Employer Matching Gifts
Legacy Giving
Corporate Partnerships