Here at the Churchill School and Center, our deep expertise matches our deeply nurturing community to ensure that students with language-based learning disabilities don’t just learn — they flourish.

Our classrooms are active learning spaces where we incorporate the latest innovations and pedagogy to design curricula tailored to our students’ learning profiles and create a socially inclusive learning environment where every student feels they belong.

Upper school students collaborating at Churchill School and Center

At Churchill, we learn and live with character

Churchill students often struggle to thrive in conventional learning settings that fail to recognize their unique strengths and are not equipped to meet their educational needs. We encourage students to achieve academically and engage meaningfully with their studies, as well as empowering them to pursue their own talents, interests, and dreams.

Our comprehensive approach, encompassing tailored curricula, diverse elective options, and inclusive extracurricular offerings, along with our family support initiatives, is curated with the aim to ensure that every member of our community feels seen and valued for who they are.

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Explore Our Upper School Core Curriculum

From our youngest students to our graduating seniors, we are dedicated to empowering every student with insights into their identity as a learner.

Join us, and help make Churchill extraordinary, where our love of learning guides the way.