Financial Assistance

Financial Aid at the Churchill School and Center

The Churchill School and Center builds community on the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion. To help realize Churchill's vision of education available for all, the school maintains a financial assistance program. At Churchill, “need” is defined as the difference between the family’s resources and the child’s tuition expenses. To evaluate need, Churchill uses formulas created by FAST. Parents applying for financial assistance must complete the FAST Application.
Returning families are given priority access to financial assistance funds.  To be considered with priority status, returning families must complete a financial assistance application by November 17, 2023. For consideration in the second round of financial assistance decisions, new families should complete their financial assistance application by January 10, 2024. Funds are allocated on a rolling basis after this.  Because funds are limited, it is crucial that families meet all financial assistance deadlines.

If you have any questions, please refer to the FAQ.

Financial Aid FAQ

List of 12 frequently asked questions.

  • Who can apply for financial assistance?

    Funds are available for families seeking initial admission/enrollment for the 2023-2024 school year. Funds are also available for students who were newly enrolled beginning with the 2020-2021 academic year and those enrolled in successive years. The Churchill School and Center imposes no income ceiling or minimum for families applying for financial assistance.
  • Should I apply for financial assistance?

    If you believe your financial resources are not sufficient to meet the cost of a Churchill School education, you are strongly encouraged to apply for financial assistance. Churchill utilizes an independent third party, FAST, to calculate a suggested need based on financial information provided by the family. FAST provides a common base by which each family’s needs can be measured fairly and equitably.
  • Does applying for financial assistance influence the admission decision?

    No.  The Churchill School does not use financial need as a consideration in determining a student’s eligibility for admission. The admissions and financial assistance processes are separate and distinct. No decisions regarding financial assistance are made until a student is accepted.
  • How is financial need determined?

    Financial need is defined as the difference between the cost to attend The Churchill School and Center and a family’s ability to pay. The results of the Financial Assistance Assessment are sent by FAST to The Churchill School and Center. FAST provides the school with a general recommendation regarding a family’s ability to pay for education. Major factors in determining financial need include, but are not limited to, home equity, supplemental income, payments to pension and retirement plans, discretionary spending, and lifestyle choices.

    Regardless of marital status, The Churchill School and Center requires both parents to submit separate Financial Assistance Applications, tax information, and any other supporting documents that illustrate their financial situation. In addition, domestic partners, step-parents and non-custodial parents must also provide the same information.  Consideration of the non-custodial parent will be based upon the belief that a parent’s contribution to education is a reflection of the ability to pay, not the willingness to pay.  If there are unusual circumstances regarding the family situation or financial standing, you are welcome to contact the Financial Assistance Committee for a personal conversation.
  • How is financial assistance structured at Churchill?  Can I receive financial assistance while pursuing funding from the Department of Education?

    Given that every child is entitled to a free and appropriate public education (FAPE) per the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), a family can receive financial assistance in the form of Connors funding.  With this in mind, Churchill expects that families who are requesting financial assistance will pursue full reimbursement of tuition, as provided for via IDEA.

    Churchill’s Connors Enrollment Contracts are structured to enable families to pursue reimbursement while simultaneously providing support for the financial cost of our tuition.  In this arrangement, the Enrollment Contract reflects an amount of upfront tuition owed by the family, determined by the Financial Assistance Committee, and the remainder of the full tuition rate as a balance that will be accepted as direct payment from the Department of Education (DOE), also known as Connors Funding, at the conclusion of the student’s case.  
  • How do I apply for financial assistance?

    The Churchill School and Center requires families to complete a financial assistance application through the FAST website. As part of this application, The Churchill School and Center requires that a copy of the prior two years’ 1040 and W2 tax forms and supporting tax schedules (including K-1s if filed) be submitted. In addition, The Churchill School and Center may require recent pay stubs as well as documentation of other sources of income such as, but not limited to, social security payments, food stamps, public assistance, unemployment, child support, worker’s compensation, etc. 2023 year-end tax forms due April 15, 2024, will also be required when filed. For details, please refer to our Financial Assistance Checklist & Timeline.
  • How soon should I apply for financial assistance?

    Because requests for financial assistance may exceed the funds available, it is important to apply as early as possible. Funds are allocated first to returning eligible students and then to financial assistance applicants who meet the deadlines outlined in the Financial Assistance Timeline.  Financial assistance awards will be presented at the time enrollment offers are extended.
    Applications for financial assistance may be completed past the deadline of January 10, 2024, but will not be considered in the first round. While we strive to make a Churchill School education available to all qualified students, our financial assistance funds are limited. Applicants who have been accepted or currently enrolled eligible families who apply after the above deadline may be placed in a Financial Assistance Wait Pool.  If funds remain available, Financial Assistance Wait Pool applicants will be reviewed on a rolling basis by the Financial Assistance Committee for a possible award.
  • What is the deadline for applying for financial assistance?

    Returning Parents/Guardians should submit their financial assistance application to FAST by NOVEMBER 17, 2023.  New families should submit their application by JANUARY 10, 2024. The copies of the 2023 tax returns (and all schedules) also should be sent directly to FAST by April 15. The Financial Assistance Committee will notify families of decisions with their enrollment contract.
  • Who makes decisions about financial assistance? Will this information remain confidential?

    Financial assistance is determined by demonstrated financial need and awarded by the Financial Assistance Committee. All names of students receiving financial assistance and all financial assistance amounts remain confidential.
  • Who provides the funds for financial assistance?

    The Churchill School and Center funds all financial assistance. FAST does not make financial assistance decisions, nor does it provide the money for financial assistance.
  • Can I appeal a financial assistance decision?

    Families who are denied financial assistance or have questions about their award may submit an appeal directly through FAST. Stating details that explain the concerns, the letter must be specific and contain new information that was not in the original financial assistance application. The new information must be quantified and documented. Appeals that do not include new information will not be considered.  Only one appeal is allowed. Appeals must be submitted in the FAST system no later than May 1, 2023. Families who do not meet this deadline waive their right to appeal. All Financial Assistance Committee decisions regarding appeals are final.  All communication is between the Financial Assistance Committee and the applicant’s family, except at the request and sole discretion of the Financial Assistance Committee.
  • Do I have to apply for financial assistance each year?

    Yes. Eligible families must apply for financial assistance annually.  In order to be eligible for financial assistance, you must meet financial assistance criteria established by The Churchill School and Center and by FAST. A continued need must be demonstrated each year. While it is the goal of the Financial Assistance Committee to maintain funding consistently from year to year, the decision is always subject to current documented need and established criteria.


Note: Admissions decisions are made separately from financial assistance decisions. Any student who applies to Churchill may apply for financial assistance. The Churchill School and Center imposes no income ceiling or minimum for families applying for financial assistance.