Upper School


Welcome to the Churchill Upper School where we believe every child deserves to have a great day at school. We know that what goes into a child having a great day at school depends on so much – their academics, interactions with their school professionals and each other, and experiencing a sense of belonging. Our singular goal as school professionals is to make sure our students have all the tools and resources they need and to create a place where students are known and cared for with innovative, research-based education practices.

The Churchill Upper School spans grades 7 to 12. Our environment is dynamic and inclusive, fostering curiosity and confident self-expression. Our curriculum is designed to guide students to become proactive learners who embrace their unique abilities, cultivate their interests, and confidently advocate for themselves. 

Our students continually inspire us with their determination, creativity, and passion. Within the Upper School, they thrive in small, inclusive classrooms guided by caring, skilled teachers who possess expertise in both subject matter and learning disabilities. Alongside the New York State Regents Curriculum, we tailor our teaching to accommodate the various learning styles of our students. Our teachers are available during and after school, ensuring that each student receives the necessary support to foster success.

Each and every student in the Upper School makes a distinctive contribution to our community, enriching our collective experience and working toward a better world beyond the classroom. Some actively participate in student government and engaging clubs like Prism, Women and Girls Empowerment, Students of Color Affinity Group, Girls on the Run, Girls Learn, and more. Others discover avenues to express their talents by joining sports teams or through creative pursuits in music, art, and theater. Beyond Churchill’s walls, our students extend their impact through participation in our Service Learning program. Our ultimate goal is to shape not only lifelong learners but also individuals who strive to make the world a better place. 

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