Welcome to Churchill’s Guidance Program, where the future takes center stage for students and families alike. We are here to help students navigate life after Churchill, crafting post-high school plans that are unique to their individual dreams. 

The guidance team at Churchill works closely with students and families to find schools or programs that perfectly match students’ distinctive academic and personal needs, talents, and preferences. The goal is to help students maximize their potential as learners, guiding them toward opportunities that feel just right. 
A Four-Year Journey
Churchill offers a comprehensive four-year guidance program to help students gain a deeper understanding of their learning style and how it shapes their academic future. The college counseling team is an integral part of school life, supporting students not just through the application process, but from the very first days of their 9th grade year. 
The team fosters strong and personalized connections with each student, getting to know them on a deeper level, in order to provide individualized support that carries through their entire experience here at Churchill. 
The journey toward post-high school opportunities formally begins for students in 11th grade, with weekly transition classes that continue through into 12th-grade. In addition to these classes, students and families participate in a number of different activities, including individual meetings, family consultations, and interactive workshops designed to involve parents and caregivers in their student’s unfolding adventure. 
Guidance Program Highlights
  • College Application Insight: Students and families receive practical advice on navigating the college application process.
  • Building the College List: Our team assists students in creating a well-rounded list of schools that align with their unique selves. 
  • Test Prep Assistance: Students receive guidance in requesting test accommodations and preparing for standardized tests.
  • Crafting Applications with Impact: Students benefit from expert guidance in formulating, refining, and polishing applications, essays, and supplementary materials. 
  • Interview Preparation: Churchill’s guidance team helps students prepare for college interviews through tailored training and practice sessions.
  • Exploring Options: Churchill students have the ability to explore unconventional pathways, including gap years, PG-years, and alternative options beyond traditional colleges. 
  • Connecting with Admissions: Students have the chance to connect face-to-face with college admissions representatives who visit Churchill, embracing the chance to build connections with institutions that align with their aspirations.
Want to Learn More?
Click the image below to explore the Churchill School and Center College Guidance Timeline for a view into our collaborative approach, insights into the roles of the school, the students themselves, and parents and caregivers during their time with us. Churchill’s Guidance Program supports students in transforming possibility into reality. You can also reach out to our Director of College Counseling, Erin Hugger at