Churchill Athletics Program Philosophy

The Churchill School athletic program gives athletes a chance to grow and develop their physical, emotional, and intellectual skills to build character.
Physical skills will be built through practices and competitive games by learning and enhancing their sport specific skills. As athletes participate they will develop and improve their own physical fitness.
By supporting teammates and handling winning and losing scenarios athletes will continue to build on their emotional skills. Other outcomes will be enhancing social relationships and creating a positive self image.
Learning game rules, strategies, and using problem solving skills in practices and competitive events our athletes grow their intellectual skills.
Another aspect of our athletic program involves character building. By developing pride in Churchill, their team and oneself our students gain an appreciation for an active lifestyle, and develop responsibility, fair play, honesty and cooperation.
As our goals are to develop learning and understanding of each sport we do not cut athletes from teams due to athletic ability. We will work with each student to develop essential skills to be able to participate on a team. Although coaches do not strive to provide the same playing time for each athlete in a competition, they do look for opportunities to provide all athletes with positive game experiences and be contributors to the team effort.
As athletes we would like to see a willingness to accept responsibility for actions, express ideas and solutions to problems, value fair play, honesty and cooperation. We value an athletes’ commitment to their team through desire and dedication to participate. Churchill athletes must also be in good standing academically and within the school in terms of behavior and sportsmanship.
We hope that all athletes will have a positive experience by participating on a Churchill team. Of course we hope that every sport experience provides a chance to enhance each athletes physical skills, have fun and enjoy the cooperative team experience.

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