Churchill Athletics

We know how important movement is for every child’s development, especially those with learning differences. At Churchill, we make sure each of our students gets physical education at least three times a week in Lower School and two times a week in the Upper School. And we offer a selection of 21 sports teams, most of which are league sports, including Volleyball, Soccer, Basketball, Swimming, Softball, Baseball, and Track.

The Churchill School athletic program goes beyond sports. It is a means for students to grow and flourish physically and emotionally. They learn to support and empathize with each other, and that helps build character. 
Engaging in athletics is an opportunity for students to try new things, discover new talents, and build confidence in their abilities. Participating in sports sharpens concentration, focus, and memory. Students learn valuable life skills like self-control, persistence, patience, and self-discipline that go beyond Churchill’s walls, empowering them in their everyday life. 
When students become a part of Churchill’s athletic community, they won’t just excel academically, they’ll thrive socially and emotionally too!