Welcome to the Arts at Churchill, a journey of artistic exploration that spans from kindergarten to twelfth grade, nurturing a lifelong appreciation for the arts.

In the Lower School, students are introduced to the magic of materials and the cultural significance of the arts. As they move up through the grades, their artistic skills flourish within our dedicated art rooms, coupled with an enriching dive into the captivating world of art history. By the time they reach Upper School, many students have already begun to recognize the profound impact of art on their lives.

At Churchill, we attract students who share a deep affinity for the fine and visual arts. Beyond mastering the fundamentals, techniques, and conceptual aspects of art, our students acquire an abundance of life skills. Creative problem-solving, time management, self-discipline, self-confidence, and self-awareness are just a few of the valuable tools they gain, which extend far beyond the classroom. Our curriculum encompasses a wide spectrum of disciplines, including drawing, painting, photography, printmaking, sculpture, ceramics, graphic design, illustration, computer graphics, fashion design, and more.

Churchill’s Performing and Digital Arts programs are essential components of our arts curriculum, equipping students for future endeavors in theatre, music, film, graphic design, and photography. Our students consistently shine in a myriad of creative showcases, from choral concerts to instrumental music performances, from mesmerizing dramatic plays to captivating film screenings, and from breathtaking art exhibitions to the creation of our cherished Churchill yearbook.

Unified under a singular vision that spans both the Upper and Lower Schools, we prioritize skill development and the exploration of diverse avenues for creative careers. Our students cultivate confidence, learn the value of ensemble work, master essential technical skills, and ultimately, emerge with the ability to perform at collegiate levels.

Come see us at The Churchill School and Center, where we foster not only artistic talent but also the life skills and creative talents that will empower our students throughout their educational journey and beyond.