The Admissions Office is accepting applications for 2nd grade and above for the 2024-2025 school year!  We are reviewing applications, interviewing, and making enrollment offers on a rolling basis. Interviews will be held in person.

We have limited availability remaining for the 2023-2024 school year.  Please contact Alyssa Dowler for information regarding current openings.

Welcome to The Churchill School and Center

Dear Friend,

Welcome to Churchill - a school designed for them.  

Who are they?  Our students - capable and bright, eager to learn, social and creative, yet often struggling to realize their potential in mainstream learning environments unequipped to capitalize on their strengths or provide an educational approach suited for their needs.  

Churchill provides just that: an educational program with an individualized and holistic approach that nurtures students’ intellectual, physical, emotional, and social development.  By devising our entire program with a specific learning profile in mind, we can offer students a place where they can not only learn but truly belong and thrive.  Churchill curates its curricula, related services, classroom and schedule designs, extracurricular offerings, and family support programming so that students and their families can experience school as it should be - a place where learning happens and independence is nurtured.  

As a K-12 school, Churchill is committed to the preparation of our students for the demands of college and life.  We give our students opportunities to understand themselves deeply as learners and to take ownership of their own learning.  Our program grows and evolves along with students as they move from division to division, encouraging new levels of independence and self-advocacy as they progress while continuing to provide them with an environment that is responsive and understanding of their learning styles and needs. 

Churchill is strongly committed to principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion; social justice and service-learning can be found woven into the curriculum and daily life of our school.  We have built a robust financial aid program and strive to create access for all students in need of our program. 

Churchill is a place where your students are seen and celebrated for who they are.  A place with a deep awareness of what it means to be a unique learner in a mainstream world.  A place designed just for them.


Sarah Szen
Chief Enrollment and Strategy Officer

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