Why Churchill?

Why Churchill?

Because here at the Churchill School and Center, our deep expertise matches our deeply nurturing community. This ensures that students don’t just learn — they flourish.

Our entire mission is focused on creating and improving a model of education that uplifts students with language-based learning disabilities. Our Center constantly scans the landscape for emerging research and tools. We bring nationally renowned experts to provide training for our teachers, parents, and the wider community. And our classrooms are active learning spaces, where we evaluate the latest innovations and pedagogy to create solutions tailored to each student’s needs, talents, and interests. 

We encourage students to achieve academically and engage deeply with their studies. But our goal is something greater—it’s for students to understand and pursue their own talents, interests, and dreams. Our expert educators partner with students and families to explore and prepare students for all of the ways they want to continue to learn and grow after they leave Churchill.

Our K-12 community cultivates caring connections across the grades to achieve our vision of #OneChurchill. Our school professionals expertly follow each child as they progress, collaborating with one another and with families to flexibly provide the right resources for every stage of their development.

When students spend their primary and secondary years at the same school, they are known, confident, and excited to be a part of a community. Continuity in a school enables students to get into their groove, feel invested in the community, and develop the confidence to take on healthy risks and new opportunities. They build strong friendships with their fellow students. Their teachers understand them and foster open communication with each other and with their families. Younger students can look to older students as role models, who, in turn, can look back and see how much they’ve achieved. And continuity promotes deeper engagement as students consider their options for what to pursue next.

We are guided by a set of values and principles that aren’t just words on a page for us. They are the essence of who we are and the code by which we live and work. They are the heart and soul of Churchill.



Celebrate Difference
We embrace difference as a gift. We seek out diversity of talent, experience, and viewpoint. Our students discover their strengths and their unique and authentic path to learning and success.  We strive to create a culture where everyone feels seen, heard, and valued.
Trust Your Team
Our interdependence is essential to our shared success. We cultivate healthy and strong relationships to achieve the vision of One Churchill. We uplift our community by collaborating across subject areas, grade levels, and expertise. We partner with students, families, and one another to provide mutual support and important resources.
Explore What’s Possible
What is right for one student is not right for all. We combine curiosity, creativity, and technology with our deep understanding of not just the student but the total person. Our ultimate goal is more than academic achievement—it is for students to understand and pursue their talents, interests, and dreams.
Own Your Expertise
In our classrooms and through the Churchill Center, we develop and refine the most effective teaching methods for every student. We share our knowledge to strengthen Churchill families, and other educators look to us for leadership. By teaching through example, we encourage students to pursue their own achievements.
Learn and Live with Character
By embracing our shared humanity, we learn the values of integrity, respect, kindness, responsibility, and perseverance from each other. Empathy towards others is woven through every aspect of our educational approach—and inspires how we show up for one another each day.