Summer Institute

Summer Institute

Each summer, The Churchill School and Center offers professional development workshops taught by highly qualified educators. Several workshops are offered to provide you with the opportunity to enhance the skills you need to teach students with diverse learning profiles.

DISCOUNTS: A group of 5 people from one school registering for the same workshop only pay for 4 registrants. The 5th person is free! If one person registers for three 1-day workshops, there is a 20% discount.
CTLE HOURS: Participants receive 2.5 CTLE hours for half day workshops and 5 CTLE hours for a full day workshop.

Guided Reading K-5

The Guided Reading Workshop will provide a definition of Guided Reading, an overview of its components, and explain why it should be part of a balanced elementary literacy curriculum. Practical application of Guided Reading will also be discussed, including how to create a classroom schedule, use assessment data to create small groups, and effectively plan Guided Reading lessons. Strategies for struggling readers will also be presented

Natalie Sheridan and Mindy Blanck, Churchill School and Center Literacy Specialists
June 27, 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM

Fee: $150

Preventing Academic Failure

This 12-hour intensive workshop provides training for teaching this multisensory reading program. PAF* is an adaptation of the Orton-Gillingham methodology - a sequential, multisensory, research-based reading program. Teachers learn how to assess reading problems and use the PAF Daily Lesson Plan to integrate the teaching of reading, spelling and writing. It is designed to be used in regular education (grades K-3) and special education settings through middle school.
Instructor: Eileen Perlman, M.S; PAF co-author & registered NJ Professional Development Provider.
2019 Workshop Dates:
Thursday, June 27: 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM
Friday, June 28: 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM
Monday, July 1: 9:00AM – 1:00 PM

Open to: Any educator who teaches foundational reading skills
Registration Fee: 
$625, includes the newest version of PAF Manual (Registration ends June 24th)
12 CTLE hours eligible with completion of assignments

For more information, contact Jane Gertler or Aileen Zim at 212-722-0610.

Learning to Read: The Link Between Phonemic Awareness and Literacy Acquisition: Grades K-2

This workshop will feature an overview of the role of phonemic awareness in literacy acquisition and will provide several activities that can be done with a whole class, small group, or individual students.

Instructors: Lynn Carpenter, Director of Instructional Support,The Churchill School and Center
Leah Blakeley, Special Education Coordinator, The Beacon School
Director of Astoria Speech and Language, CCC-SLP

July 9, 9am - Noon


Reading to Learn: The Role of Language and Comprehension in Grades 6-12

This workshop will include an overview of the role of language and comprehension in the classroom. We will provide strategies to both promote comprehension and accommodate receptive and expressive language deficits.

Instructors: Lynn Carpenter, Director of Instructional Support, The Churchill School and Center
Leah Blakeley, Special Education Coordinator, The Beacon School
Director of Astoria Speech and Language, CCC-SLP

Date: July 9, 1pm - 4pm

Fee: $75

An Overview of Math Disabilities K-12

Many students who have a learning disability have difficulty with mathematics. This workshop provides an introduction to math learning disabilities including dyscalculia. Special consideration will also be given to mathematics anxiety, visual-spatial deficits and their impact on learning. Specific interventions for these students will also be discussed for students in all grades from arithmetic to calculus.

Instructors: Dr. Sridhar Nagubandi, Chairperson of the Math Department, The Churchill School and Center

Date: July 16, 9:00AM to 3:00PM

Fee: $150

Executive Functioning and Literacy

This full day workshop will provide an overview of executive functioning before delving in to the links between executive functioning, reading comprehension, and written expression. There will be hands on activities to break down comprehension and writing assessments, assignments,and interventions.

Instructor: Lynn Carpenter, Director of Instructional Support, The Churchill School and Center

Date: July 10, 9am-3pm

Fee: $150

Productive Struggle in Math K-8: The Tasks and Culture

This workshop is aimed at helping teachers identify and create rich problem solving tasks that encourage “Productive Struggle”. While looking at some of the research, we will discuss strategies that help make “productive struggle” part of the culture and routine in your math class. Throughout the day, time will be provided to explore and create tasks that meet the session goals. There will be a special focus on creating these tasks, climates and habits for students with math difficulties and language based learning disabilities.
Workshop Goals and Objectives:
  • Identify beliefs/habits of classroom which supports Productive Struggle
  • Describe the difference between Destructive Struggle and Productive Struggle - Sort and Identify tasks based on low-level vs. high level of demand
  • Design or “Re-design” tasks to meet goals for productive struggle.
  • Discuss and develop strategies for prompting and questioning

Instructor: Nicole Ryan, Math Coordinator, The Churchill School and Center

Date: July 11, 9am - 3pm