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Performing & Digital Arts

Performing and Digital Arts at Churchill

Churchill’s Performing and Digital Arts Department provides students with a comprehensive program that prepares them for college majors in theatre, music, film, graphic design and photography.  Each year our students shine in evening choral concerts, instrumental music lessons and concerts, middle and high school level musicals, dramatic plays, film screenings, art shows and the creation of the Churchill yearbook.

Under one unified vision for our elementary, middle and high school divisions, we connect skill development and broaden students exposure to a variety of different ways of pursuing creative careers. As our students travel through our department, we focus on confidence building, working as an ensemble, gaining essential technical skills and lastly in the ability to perform at competitive collegiate levels.

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    Lauren LaRocca 

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    Aaron Fisher 

    Head of Performing Arts

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    Kevaughn Isaacs 

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    Peter DiCarlo 

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    Nicholas Mauro 

    Music Teacher

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    Michelle O'Connor-Hill 

    Theater Teacher