Middle School

Middle School

The Churchill Middle School is a nurturing, challenging, and structured learning community.  Students are encouraged to expand their academic knowledge while continuing to develop their organizational and study skills in preparation for high school.  They become more confident learners as they refine the skills needed to increase their level of academic independence, while also developing a strong sense of self and purpose. A tremendous focus is placed on individual growth and development while concurrently supporting students in understanding their role within a community. The middle school aims to foster the growth of the whole child in preparation for the demands of high school and beyond.

Students learn either in whole class or small group settings. These various settings are designed to meet the individual needs, both social-emotional and academic, of each student. The learning process is inherently active — projects and hands-on experiences are interwoven throughout the middle school curriculum.  

To further foster independence and growth, students in the middle school benefit from an extensive and ever-growing assistive technology program. Students have a 1:1 iPad program. The heart of the school day focuses on studies in English and literacy, history, math, and science, with additional specialized instruction in art, music, computers, physical education, and health and human relations.

Students are encouraged to be active members of their communities and pursue their passions and interests. Several activities are offered throughout the school year, such as overnight trips, as well as day trips to local museums and parks. Budding student athletes can participate in several after school sports teams, including volleyball, cross country, basketball, track, and softball. Within the regular school day, the student council works diligently to bring events to the student body. On Friday afternoons, middle school teachers offer several “club” options. For students interested in the performing arts, the middle school offers a winter musical and spring series of “one act” plays.

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