Elementary School

Elementary School

The Churchill Elementary School provides a supportive, structured, nurturing, and fun environment in which students are encouraged to expand their knowledge and use their strengths while developing their reading, writing, math, social, and organizational skills. Students learn to accept and understand their learning disabilities, become self-advocates, and take responsibility for their own learning.

Students learn in small group settings, which are designed to meet their individual needs. We are proud of the active engagement of both our students and teachers that is inherent in our classrooms.

The elementary school program is dynamic and supportive, which enables a nurturing environment for students to thrive. Skill acquisition and academic remediation are priorities in each student’s program. We have highly qualified and trained teachers who specialize in methods to ensure student progress.

Our elementary school has a comprehensive program, which ensures both academic success and social and emotional growth. In addition to literacy and math instruction, the program includes science, art, performing arts, physical education, health education, library classes, technology integration classes, and a social skills curriculum. Additionally, related services are provided to each student as is necessary. Our school psychologists, social workers, speech and language therapists, and occupational therapists work collaboratively with classroom teachers and administration using a push in and/or pull out model.

Elementary school community meetings, field trips, and activities are incorporated throughout the school year as an integral part of the program. There are a variety of both day and overnight trips, which are directly related to content being studied. Additionally, students visit museums; attend concerts, musicals, plays, etc. Furthermore, our elementary school values the school community; thus, we offer many opportunities for parents, family members, and outside community members to participate in our students’ education and life at Churchill.

The smiles, energy, and excitement emitted in our elementary school are evidence that The Churchill Elementary School is a happy, safe, and positive place to learn and grow!

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Student Work

Ruby Moore, Cluster A student, has written a short book titled Dyslexia Hero about her experience with dyslexia. Click below to read the book or click "Open Publication" to see a full screen version!