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  • SMARTS: Executive Function Program in Churchill Middle School

    SMARTS empowers students by helping them understand their strengths and weaknesses and teaching them critically important executive function strategies.

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  • Executive Function: Your Brain's Air-Traffic Controller

    Executive function develops over time. For example, following multi-step directions or being able to calm yourself down when you are very frustrated may be too much for a child’s executive function system but not for an adult’s. The good news is that in addition to strengthening your own executive function skills, there are many strategies to promote the development of your child’s executive function.
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  • By Focusing on Dyslexia, We Address the Needs of All Children

    We hoped we were past needing to have this conversation—but if you read a recent Huffington Post opinion piece about a “supposed dyslexic subgroup,” or saw any of the social media commentaries, you know that we still need to have difficult conversations about dyslexia. The meaning of the “D word” may be unclear to some, but not to us. We know what the word means and what dyslexia is.
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  • Elementary School Students Learn to Become Good "Digital Citizens"

    As our social world expands to include digital communication, it is increasingly important to provide our students with the tools and understanding to demonstrate integrity, responsibility, respect and kindness when using the internet.
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  • Flexible Seating: New-Age Classrooms ‘Moving’ to Meet the Needs and Comforts of All Students

    Sara Cohen
    Have you heard the buzz about flexible seating? What is the buzz all about? What does flexible seating actually mean?
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  • When Should You Get Your Kid a Phone? It's not just a question of the right age.

    Child Mind Institute
    It’s a rite of passage for parents of tweens: By the time your child is 10 or 12, she decides that she must have a cell phone, because if she can’t text and talk to her friends her social life will be “ruined.” You may be skeptical about that, but the idea has some appeal to you, too: As she begins to become independent, you want to be able to keep in touch with her, especially if she has started traveling alone.
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  • Creative Strategies Emphasize Technology at Churchill

    Tim McKeon
    To say that The Churchill School utilizes a lot of technology would be a bit of an understatement. Most of our OneChurchill community is likely aware of the one-to-one laptop and iPad programs throughout the school, but don’t know exactly what those programs entail or the extent of our technology program. So allow me to provide you with a snapshot of what technology looks like at Churchill.
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  • OneChurchill Community

    Dr. Timothy Madigan
    Our OneChurchill Community is a wonderful place.  There is care, compassion, and attention to needs.  As a whole community, we are brought together through the common goal of enabling our students to succeed.  From my perspective, there is no more important work to be done than to foster the success of our students.
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  • Why It’s Important to Make Simple Changes at Home

    If your child is struggling in school, what happens in the classroom can affect how he feels and acts once he’s back home. But it’s important to remember that it works both ways: What happens at home can make a big difference in your child’s ability to bounce back from difficulties and keep trying hard in school.
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