Why Churchill?

Why Choose New York City's Churchill School?

The Churchill School and Center is a welcoming community where students receive direct, multi-sensory instruction from trained, devoted teachers in classrooms with low student to teacher ratios. Churchill aims to make students feel empowered, reigniting their motivation and capacity for learning.  By building upon their strengths, Churchill helps bright students with language-based learning disabilities realize their capabilities and experience success on more than just academic levels. 
Academic instruction emphasises the development of metacognitive strategies to strengthen executive functioning and self-awareness.  Coupled with a curriculum centered around our Core Values of Integrity, Kindness, Responsibility, Respect, and Perseverance, Churchill teaches students acceptance of themselves and empathy towards others. With a wide choice of arts, sports, club, and elective offerings, students’ existing and new interests and abilities can also flourish.
The Churchill School and Center is committed to constant and meaningful evaluation of our curriculum, facilities, and practices to ensure we remain responsive to the needs of our students and deliver the best possible program. Students leave Churchill as well-rounded, confident self-advocates who are prepared for the challenges of college and life