How to Apply

The Admissions Office is still accepting and reviewing applications for the 2021-2022 school year!  We are reviewing applications, interviewing, and making enrollment offers on a rolling basis.

Until further notice, the admissions process will be completed virtually.

Please visit our Virtual Admissions Center for more information.

Churchill is transitioning to a fully independent school. Please click here to learn more.

How to Apply to the Churchill School

Thank you for your interest in The Churchill School and Center. We are happy your family is considering Churchill for your child.  The Admissions Office is here to help determine if Churchill is the right educational environment where your child will find comfort and success. The admissions process begins with a completed application. Please follow the steps below:

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  • Submit an Application

    • Create a username and password for our online Admissions Portal.
    • Complete the online application and submit the $75.00 non-refundable application fee.
    • Upload your child’s Neuropsychological or Psychoeducational Evaluation, completed within 2 years (required)
    • Upload your child’s IEP (if applicable)
    • Upload supporting evaluations (Speech, OT, progress reports, etc.) (if applicable)
    • Upload a completed Release Form, downloadable in your child’s checklist (required)
    • Request that your child’s teacher completes a questionnaire by inputting an email address through the portal. Additional providers may submit forms as well, but the teacher questionnaire is required.
  • Application Review

    • Once the supporting documents have been received by the Admissions Office, the application is reviewed and an initial determination is made.
    • If it is determined your child might be appropriate for our program, we will move forward with scheduling Virtual Interviews and Assessments.
    • We interview only when we anticipate a space.  For students that are applying for a grade with no anticipated spaces, any student who appears appropriate after our initial review will be added to a waitlist.  ONLY when space becomes available will we schedule interviews.
    After review, we may determine Churchill is not the appropriate educational setting for your child.  In that case, we will work with you as best we can to assist in finding the right educational environment.
  • Interview

    Remote Interviews and Assessments
    Once the Admissions Committee has reviewed your documents and determined to move forward:
    Parent Interview
    A remote Parent Interview will be scheduled where you will meet with either the Director of Enrollment Management or the Director of Admissions. During this interview, parents will watch a virtual tour of the school and have a conversation about you and your child. 
    Student Assessments
    After the remote Parent Interview, your child will be scheduled for remote assessments administered by a member of our Mental Health Support Services Office. 
    • Students will receive remote speech & language and social/emotional assessments.  Students will hear a story and play a game virtually with members of our Admissions Team.
    Grades 1-8
    • Students will receive remote social/emotional, academic, and speech & language screenings from members of our Admissions Team.
    Grade 9
    • The student will have a conversation with a member of our Mental Health Support Services Office and have a speech & language screening.
    Consultation with Evaluators
    To supplement the materials we collect, we have added an additional requirement to our Virtual Admissions Process.  For each candidate, we will consult with the evaluator of the report you provide. This allows us to ask questions of a professional who has worked with your child in-person which supplements our observations conducted during the remote assessment.  We may also contact classroom teachers on a case-by-case basis.
    Please Note: we typically do not have placement for students past Grade 9.  Applications for students in other High School grades are considered very carefully and only when space is available.
  • Final Decision & Enrollment

    • Commitment Letters will be sent in December to families who have completed the interview process and we intend to accept.  This letter informs parents The Churchill School commits to holding a seat for their child, but no commitment is required on your part.
    • In February, Enrollment Contracts are sent out.  Families are given 10 business days to return the contract with a non-refundable deposit.
If you are not yet ready to apply, please consider one of the following:

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Application Deadlines

We are still accepting and reviewing 21-22 applications for all grades K-10 and are admitting students on a rolling basis.

We accept applications year-round. Depending on space availability, we may not actively review submitted applications year-round.  If space becomes available in any grade past our deadlines, we will review all applications submitted, giving preference to those submitted before the deadline.