Welcome Alumni!

Churchill School is committed to maintaining an active relationship with our alumni. Whether you graduated from Churchill or attended for just a few years, you are a part of our alumni community and we want to keep in touch and stay connected.

Near or far, our website is an easy way to stay connected to your alma mater so be sure to check back and see what’s new at Churchill.

It is important to us that we keep in touch with you and doing that has never been easier. Update your contact information, share exciting news or just check in by dropping us a line at alumni@churchillschoolnyc.org.

For some, Churchill is a very different school today than what it was when you were a student.  We moved from East 95th Street to East 29th Street, we grew from a K-8 school to a K-12 school and transitioned from a 5-story brownstone to a 7-story building. However, one thing remains the same, our school spirit!
If you are ever in the neighborhood, please stop by for a visit!

Alumni Panel 2017

Keep in Touch!

Please update your personal and professional contact by filling out the form below. If you left Churchill before graduating, please indicate the Class year you want to be affiliated with.

Class Reps

Alumni Class Reps
2004          Regina Liamero
2004          Jared Goldman
2005          Alex Pollack
2006          Kristen Mahony
2007          Hannah Jupiter
2008          Andy Hoffman
2008          Ptahra Jeppe
2008          Izzi Stern
2009          Kara Caroccio
2009          Konstantine Ouranitsas
2010          Julia Colletti
2010          Samantha Fried
2011          Khalid Sena
2011          Ericca Gandolfo
2012          Julia Heymann
2012          Sean Lewin
2012          Sean McNamee
2012          John Walpole
2013          Sarah Saad
2013          Marisa Shwartz
2014          Julia Kaback
2015          Beth Abbott
2016          Michelle Walpole